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TUI can assist you with all of your pre-film and film proofing needs. Our Iris43Wide Double-Sided Imposition Proofer (Digital Imposition Proofs) is a cost effective way to see your imposition prior to running out film. Our Iris 5015 provides high quality proofs for scans, pre-film color checks and excellent color comps.

Iris43WIDE Double-Sided Imposition Proofer
(Digital Imposition Proofs)

Proven ink jet expertise, film and platesetting know-how. World-renowned as the industry-leader in digital contract proofing, Iris Graphics reaffirms its commitment to providing innovative, high-performance proofing solutions with the new Iris43WIDE double-sided imposition proofer. The Iris43WIDE's maximum print size using IrisSIGNATURE Media is: 41.2 x 30.2 in (104.7 x 76.8 cm). Your digital imposition proofs can be output prior to running film so that your imposition can be checked, saving you the expense of rerunning film.

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Iris 43 Wide Digital Proofing

Iris 5015

The Iris 5015 can provide you with high-quality digital prints for any purpose. Whether you need to see a pre-film proof of your file or just want a great quality print to frame and hang, this digital color proofing system can do it all at sizes up to 14 x 21 inches (maximum image area).

Iris 5015

TUI is staffed with experienced personnel who will outline procedures for good quality output. In addition, a good working knowledge of the software you use for output is expected of our employees. This assists in the elimination of potential problems that may occur.

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